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Website Design and Digital Marketing Needs ROI... Or Else It's Just Vanity Marketing! We can increase your web traffic and create automated lead nurturing funnels that convert into $ales.

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Get Leads Plus Increases Your Website Traffic and Sales Leads to Grow Your Business

Get Leads Plus is committed to Providing Quality Digital Marketing Services in Website Design, SEO, PPC, Reputation Management, Brand Design, and Content Marketing. Focusing on critical components to Increasing Sales Leads for our client's businesses.

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We Provide the Best ROI Focused Digital Marketing Services In Ontario!

When searching for the Top SEO Companies and PPC Agencies to Manage your Digital Marketing here are 5 reasons to choose Get Leads Plus Digital Marketing Agency as the choice to use us as your Internet Marketing Service Provider.

- Enterprise SEO & National Search Engine Optimization
- Higher PPC ROI and Lower Cost Per Click on Paid Ads
- Conversion Based ROI Focused Advertising Campaigns
- Local SEO Campaigns and PPC Management
- Full Service Digital Marketing

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We are Return on Investment (ROI) Focused and aim to increase Sales Conversions first then optimize for more web traffic. Since 2001 we have learned many Do's and Don'ts in Digital Marketing. We can spare you that expensive journey with our experience.

John Granskou, Digital Marketing Since 2001
John Granskou, Digital Marketing Since 2001
Founder of Get Leads Plus

Get more Sales Leads with Your Website, SEO, PPC, and Social Media Marketing

Website Design - Just Starting with WordPress Website Design? Great! WordPress as your CMS or Content Management System takes care of 50% for your SEO Efforts.

SEO - Search EngiWe get your website ranking on search engines starting with proper Keyword Research. Choosing the Keywords that deliver sales leads and conversions.

Pay Per Click - ROI Based PPC Campaign Management Starts with Increasing your Quality Score to Lower your CPC or Cost Per Click and increase your Return on Investment.

Social Media - Our Social Media Marketing services come with professional creatives and carefully written targeted posts plus Social SEO which is specific optimization for social media searches.


Years Experience

We get thousands of visitors to our clients websites with their Search Engine Rankings


Conversion Rates

We define goals right from the start so you understand your Return on Investment

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We will give you a true assessment of your website totally free of charge.

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    Typically we only take on New Clients where we can predict a 2 to 1 Return on Investment from their Marketing Investment

    The Best Fit Client for us to take on is with a 12K Annual Marketing Spend, we would achieve a $24,000+ ROI on their Sales Lead Generation.

    Over 20 Years ``Top In Class`` in SEO, PPC, Digital Marketing. Driving ROI with New Sales Leads and Conversions to our Clients

    Pay Per Click Google Ads Can Achieve Predictable Growth

    Pay Per Click, which is known as PPC, is a kind of advertising that is targeted at a particular group of people. It's commonly used by businesses and organizations to increase their brand awareness and visitors, through the use of paid ads on search engines. By employing a combination of keywords and phrases which are relevant to a given target market, businesses can achieve high-performance results, through using pay per click advertising.

    • Google Ads is an online marketing platform developed jointly by Yahoo and Google wherein and advertise-bid for placement of short advertisements or videos that show in the Google Search Results Pages and Ad Networks.
    • Facebook Ads is one of the easiest ways to market on the internet these days. With the huge numbers of people who use Facebook daily there is definitely a massive demand for these kinds of Ads and Videos.
    Google Ads Case Study

    We Craft Social Media Marketing Campaigns That Get More Sales Leads

    Social media marketing has been known as a marketing phenomenon in which a small but powerful community of users creates an environment where customers can interact with one another. Social media sites include Twitter, Facebook, Intsagram, YouTube, LinkedIn, LinkedIn and others. In many ways, this kind of internet marketing enables a business or an individual to construct a following, in essence they allow customers to feel that they are part of a natural community.

    • Define Campaign Goals and Conversions
    • Create Solution and Campaign Assets
    • Measure Success Tweak and Repeat
    Social Media Case Study

    Search Engine Optimization That Converts Into New Sales Leads & New Customers

    If you're in need of more visitors to your web site, then Search Engine Optimization is the right thing to do for you. Search Engine Optimization can help you get ranked high in the rankings and hence drive more traffic to your site. When you rank on the top of search engines, internet users will find you easier and will visit your website more often.

    Define Campaign Goals and Conversions

    Create Solution and Campaign Assets

    Measure Success Tweak and Repeat

    Organic SEO Case Study

    Facebook Ads That Convert Into New Sales Leads & More Customers For You

    Facebook advertisements are a popular choice among Internet marketers. They are relatively inexpensive compared to traditional pay per click advertising. However, there are some differences between the two and understanding these differences will allow you to make a more informed choice. There is no"one size fits all" way to target people online, so it's crucial that you find the right way for you, your business and your budget.

    Define Campaign Goals and Conversions

    Create Solution and Campaign Assets

    Measure Success Tweak and Repeat

    Facebook Ads Case Study

    So, you're looking for Local SEO Companies Huh? We've been an Organic and Local SEO Company Since 2001!

    We offer over 20 Years' Results Oriented Organic and Local SEO Company. We've ranked number one in the Cell Phone, Computer, Business Card and Restaurant Industries since 2001. Get a Free Consultation 1-888-330-5553 #1

    John Granskou, Digital Marketing Since 2001
    John Granskou, Digital Marketing Since 2001
    Founder of Get Leads Plus
    Trusted By Startups & Established Businesses for their Lead Generation

    Reviews From Our Local SEO Customers

    Others looking at Local SEO Companies like yourself are glad they choose us at Get Leads Plus as their Local SEO Company and Digital Marketing Services Provider.

    We Get Quality Sales Leads For Our Clients From The Best Digital Marketing Platforms!

    Digital Marketing Posts And Latest News

    Here we post articles on Organic/Local SEO, Website Design Best Practices, Content Marketing, and Digital Marketing News and Updates.

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