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The New Guide to SEO – The Most Up-to-Date Advice and Strategies Including Real-time SEO, Voice Search, Content Marketing and More…

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Contents of The Modern SEO Blueprint Guide:

Chapter 1:
An Introduction to SEO – Still Kicking

How SEO Works

Chapter 2:

SEO – What it Used to Mean

Enter Black-Hat SEO

Chapter 3:

What SEO Means Today

The Death of SEO?
Examples of Modern Approaches to SEO

Chapter 4:

How to Conquer On-Page SEO

How to Make Excellent Content
Introducing a Conversational Google
Schemas and Structured Data
Design and Layout
More On-Page Optimization

Chapter 5:

How to Handle Off-Page SEO
Google Trust
Google News and Other Important Sites
Working With Influencer’s
Link Bait and Creating Organic Links
Backlink Research

Chapter 6:

Why Content Marketing is the New Key to Good SEO

What is Content Marketing?
How to Build Trust and Authority

Chapter 7:

Using SEO Companies and How to Measure the Success of an SEO Campaign

The Trouble With SEO Companies
Using Metrics, Tracking Tools and Google Analytics .
Using Analytics in Your Own Campaign

Chapter 8:

Real-Time SEO and the Future of SEO

Real Time SEO
Voice Search and AI Assistants
KGO: Optimizing for Google’s Quick Answers

Chapter 9:
Your Action Plan and Conclusions

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