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Quality Assurance services

Quality assurance services in the world of apps is a very important topic. Among literally millions of apps in online stores, only a few of them are consistently at a customer’s fingertips. What is the secret of this all-too-rare success? A smart and thoughtful approach to all stages of a product’s life cycle include planning, designing, developing, testing, deployment, and maintenance; that’s what ATIMI strives for.

What ATIMI Quality Assurance is

To begin, let’s define what we expect from a really high-quality software product. First, the product should meet the user’s expectations. Users should be able to do the same thing the same way, over and over again. The product should be robust enough to withstand unforeseen problems which may cause disruptions and losses. The requirements are satisfied through testing, quality assurance services, and quality control.

Although these three things pursue the same purposes, they adopt slightly different approaches and shouldn’t be mixed up. Quality assurance is more about preventing software defects where quality control focuses on identifying these facts. As for testing; it’s a fundamental part of software quality assurance. This involves actions that allow us to identify any problems and bugs and functionality issues.

Quality Assurance Services for Flawless User Experience

Mobile apps are normally tested for functionality, usability, and consistency. Entrepreneurs usually want to get their brainchild created and released quickly. They want further updates with great new features carried out in the shortest time possible. Due to the rush, hidden bugs and errors can creep into the system. This obviously creates a poor user experience. And what will a typical user do? They will return to the app store and opt for one of your competitor’s apps!

Making Sure Your App Does What it’s Supposed to

At ATIMI, to reach the ultimate quality of applications and following agile principles, we carry out extensive mobile application testing throughout the development life cycle. We can ensure the value of your app by testing its functionality. We make sure the product matches the functional requirements. Various testing methods help us determine how the app performs under various conditions. We explore capacity limits and application behavior under sudden changes of load to make sure your mobile software is reliable.

Testing for Reliability

An application should easily be able to complete the tasks it is expected to complete. We test to make sure that the product’s capacity is enough to give the best quality in use. Reliability testing is needed to uncover those failures that are likely to occur in our initial operation and make sure the app can recover itself under extreme conditions.

We also check to see if your application works properly when transferred from one environment to another. And if it can coexist with other apps. As the system throughout its life cycle is prone to changes, we check its ability to be updated and modified. These are the processes we use in our quality assurance services for the apps we create.

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